18 August 2021

Quantar Program Completion

51 years ago a mission was launched to carry man to the moon for only the third time in history. During that fateful mission, a mismatch in technical standards led to an explosion onboard that required an army of Managers, Engineers and Technical SME’s to support the creation of innovative mitigation strategies and plans to bring the Astronauts home safely.

This mission had an absolutely fixed end date and a mountain of technical and implementation challenges that required a ‘do at all cost’ attitude.

In that, the NSW Telco Authority’s CCEP Quantar Program shared this same ethos and approach. For this reason we would like to recognise and celebrate the successful delivery of this project and thank the Quantar team, CCEP suppliers and delivery partners for your support in delivering to this critical project objective in support of the greater CCEP project delivery requirements.

Steven Bush
Head of Delivery