Collaboration and mutual respect

Play your part and join a team that works with purpose. As a values-based organisation, our values reflect what we put priority on and how every person in our business works together as OneTeam.

Be you.
Achieve and be challenged.
Make a difference, together.


Want to work with people towards making a difference.

Be good at what you do, and do it with confidence and responsibility.

Operate as a member of a team first and an individual achiever second.

Be client focused and invested in helping them achieve a better outcome.

Listen and fearlessly challenge, and don’t do one without the other.

Get results. Don’t give up, be relentless. Live our values, no matter what.

Amalgamotion is steadily growing, and we are always interested in working with people who want to live our values and help us make a difference.

Our Values


Credibility, fairness, honesty, impartiality, integrity

Integrity first, always. Do what we say we will, listen to all perspectives, operate honestly and fairly.


Respectful, balanced

Strive to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Be present, always listen, never assume.


Energetic, dedicated, relentless, unwavering

Energetic, dedicated, and flexible, unwaveringly resilient to the end.


Bold, restless, striving, future focussed

Restless in delivering outcomes, challenge when it doesn’t make sense, try new things, be willing to take calculated risks.


One Team, achieving together, diversity, development, fun

We have each others back, we respect each others’ differences, we collaborate and have fun

"I look for frank and fearless advice. Working with Amalgamotion is like having a trusted big brother - and a really strong inhouse capability. They provide us specialist capability in program management and culture driven service delivery. Amalgamotions biggest strength is the depth and breadth of capability in their people."
Kate Foy • New South Wales Telco Authority
Chris Mills
“Whilst I knew what I wanted, I was unsure how to achieve it. The Amalgamotion team were instrumental in charting the path from concept to reality. Their drive to deliver was softened by their empathy of the situation, and a unique ability to effectively deliver outcomes in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment”
Chris Mills • Head of Networks Development, Optus
"Having engaged Amalgamotion since 2019 they have brought a blend of experience, insight, capability and innovation to both challenge and support the development of the Service Commissioning initiative. Amalgamotion integrated well into the team and have developed the processes and collateral that will underpin the success of the Service Commissioning Initiative.”
Andrew Pedrazzini, AOM • New South Wales Health
Ray Larkin
“BSA highly recommends the services of Amalgamotion when a dedicated team of professionals is required to solve the problem of development of solutions when transiti oning of services in complex situations. For a major recent tender process, BSA and Tata employed the services of Amalgamotion to provide their experience with the planning and development of a practical solution designed to identify the key risk factors, logistics considerations, detailed schedules for implementation and assistance with key staff transition."
Ray Larkin • General Manager Business Development, BSA
Ric Oldham
“Two delivery teams coming together with long standing traditional thinking, prejudices and predictive behaviour, found a way through a common belief to enable breakthrough thinking and performance on every measure. Amalgamotion was front and centre in navigating the transformation to 'One Team Changing the Game'".
Ric Oldham • GM Telecoms, Leightons
“Amalgamotion really helped to ensure all parties were aligned to common objectives and guided the teams to develop a plan for them to achieve these objectives. They remained neutral at all times and the structure they brought to the transition brought accountability and helped us to realise the outcomes initially desired. I would highly recommend Gareth and the Amalgamotion team”.
Terry Smith • Program Director, Huawei Technologies (Australia)
Kylie de Courteney
“Through a ‘one team’ approach, and partnership-principled culture, the program is meeting and exceeding targets and customer expectations with strong support of Amalgamotion’s PMO and Critical Communications capability”
Kylie de Courteney • New South Wales Telco Authority
Greg Wells
“Since transitioning from the previous incumbent in this area, the project has experienced significant improvement in delivery, governance and reporting and has received very positive outcomes from assurance reviews”
Greg Wells • New South Wales Telco Authority
Glen Powys
“Amalgamotion was able to rapidly mobilise SME’s and facilitators to support our business in both the analysis of existing processes and the development and detailing of new / enhanced processes where required. Highly competent and proactive.”
Glen Powys • Managing Director, tech2
“Amalgamotion developed a robust strategy, that clearly identified Telecoms opportunities for Lendlease across both the public sector and private sector.”
Glenn Campbell • Lendlease
Marcus Bowles
“Amalgamotion’s core team have decades of experience in leading complex, multi-party change programs within the Telco industry locally and globally”
Marcus Bowles • Instritute for Working Futures
“I have always admired Amalgamotion because firstly, they gravitate to complex programs, secondly, are never afraid of a challenge, and thirdly, operate based on principles of partnership and a strong values base”
James McRobert • Nokia
“Amalgamotion brought clarity and focus into a complex, emotionally charged situation. Their experience, guidance and implementation best practice brought the desired result.”
Jason Keeble • Optus
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